Cheerful and bubbly, Selena has always been involved with the grassroots. The jovial lady started volunteering when she was living in Bishan, and when she moved to Yishun seven years ago; she got involved with the grassroots as well. Her main motivation in volunteering was to lend a hand to other residents, as she has always been aware of problems that some of them were facing.

Selena loves meeting new people and being at the weekly Meet-the-People Sessions gives her plenty of opportunity to interact with her friends and neighbours. She derives satisfaction from the appreciation and recognition she receives from her peers when their issues are resolved with her help.

Having had several years of experience helping out at the grassroots level, Selena simply wants to reach out to residents who are in need and who may not know exactly to do. “I just want to see the best for Yishun and to be able to help in any way I can,” Selena says. “The best part of my day is when I see them smile.”

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