Kenneth has been a volunteer in the PAP since 2013.

He started out volunteering at Meet-the-People Sessions. He found that by writing letters for residents with problems, he could help them solve their issues, and at the same time learn more about their perspectives. This helped him to broaden his thinking about the impact of policies and society in general.

He is also involved in planning and execution of regular outreach activities in Nee Soon Central, like helping the less fortunate or giving out keepsakes to residents. He said, “Happiness shared is happiness multiplied. So from the first time I participated in these activities, I have never looked back.”

Kenneth is also a council member of the PAP Policy Forum, where he gives feedback and ideas about national policies. He finds that the lively debate in the forum is a learning experience for everyone involved, and generates useful feedback for MPs and policymakers.

As a PAP volunteer, Kenneth is making a difference on many levels.

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