Yulin has been actively involved in community service since 2011. Growing up in Nee Soon, he is a familiar face at the Nee Soon East Meet-the-People sessions (MPS) where he spends time assisting residents and preparing petition letters for them to the relevant private/ public organisations.

As a Young PAP (YP) Chairman for Nee Soon East Branch, Yulin is responsible for recruiting new members who believe and uphold the values of the party. With his team, they organise social outreach programmes to benefit Nee Soon residents.

One of his memorable contributions was galvanising the support of new and existing members to volunteer in a food hamper distribution exercise. The event, held in December 2014, benefited a substantial number of needy residents.

Apart from social activities, Yulin joins the Member of Parliament in his block visits. Through this, Yulin hopes residents will recognise him and seek his help during their times of need.

He views his participation as a meaningful one, having able to develop a sense of empathy and be involved in helping the underprivileged. He continues to ponder about policy formulation that can benefit the masses.

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