Cynthia grew up in Chong Pang. She has always had an interest in helping others and doing constructive things. Her passion in youths issues has seen her take on leadership in the Young PAP where she gets to work with youths, provides them with political training. Through this position, she is able to impact the lives of youths positively. Apart from Young PAP, Cynthia also serves in MPS.

In MPS, she volunteers her time as the minister writer’s where she would listen to the problems of the residents and would direct the appeals or letters to relevant agencies for follow up. She especially likes to speak with youths and find out what motivates them. Beyond MPS, Cynthia would organize events to engage the youths such as team building activities. Through these events, she is better able to build rapport with these youths and help them improve their life circumstances.

Through MPS, Cynthia increased her knowledge of policies and issues, so as to better explain the policies’ intentions to the residents. She is also better equipped with soft skills to interact with residents of different personalities. Through her volunteer experience, she is exposed to the real issues that affect people and different segments of the needy such as the “sandwiched class” of the society. The “sandwiched class” is a term to describe people who are in need of assistance, yet do not meet the eligibility of official assistance schemes.


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