Alan is an entrepreneur in the area of health research. He has been volunteering in Nee Soon South branch for seven years, and is now leading the Young PAP volunteers there.

We asked Alan why he chooses to devote time to branch activities. He replied, “If Singapore had not been on the right track, I wouldn’t be able to pursue such a meaningful career, or build a family without worries. And of course Yishun has also been transformed into a vibrant and well-connected town. I don’t take this for granted. In branch activities, we care for the needy, build bridges between races, and give constructive feedback on policies. All these help to keep Singapore on the right track. ”

Alan wants to say to anyone considering volunteering in a PAP branch: “Young volunteers usually start out by learning how to write appeal letters in MPS. This is the best ‘crash course’ in the issues different Singaporeans are facing, and the government policies surrounding them. If you’re interested in helping others and learning where Singapore is headed, you should definitely get involved. ”


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