Razak has been a resident of Yishun from 1984 and has been volunteering with in the Chong Pang community for well over 20 years. He has fulfilled many roles, including translating for Malay residents who don’t speak English.

When asked about why he committed to volunteering all this years, Razak answered without hesitation that it was his passion. He loves to help people, regardless of their backgrounds. He remarked that though he was not able to help in terms of giving monetary help, he helped in many other ways, such as giving consultations and moral support to the residents.

He sees the many people, especially in the Malay community, need help, but do not know where to seek help from. Razak thinks it’s his personal responsibility to direct them to the right form of help.

Razak serves from the heart and sincerely wishes the best for all the residents. He has seen so many people who are in need within his community and feels overwhelmingly lucky for the opportunity he has to help them. His jovial nature and candid personality is built on the contentment he has learnt to have for his situation and the purpose he finds in serving the community.

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