The upgraded Nee Soon South Community Club (CC) will be the first CC in Singapore to incorporate SLEB-compliance and dementia-friendly designs.

Nee Soon South CC will be upgraded with features that reduce its energy consumption. With solar panels on the roof, smart energy management, use of natural ventilation and lighting and other such features, it is projected to become a Super Low Energy Building (SLEB).

It also aims be a Zero Energy building that generates its own energy for consumption. The CC Management Committee will monitor the energy use during operations and strive towards a Zero Energy building.

The upgraded Nee Soon South CC will also incorporate dementia-friendly designs such as clear signages, resting places for seniors and remove

The upgrading is projected to complete in the 2nd quarter of 2022.

The upgraded CC will also include more sports and recreation facilities for residents, such as badminton courts, dance and music rooms and a culinary studio, centred around a welcoming central courtyard.

MP Lee Bee Wah said, “Imagine walking into the new CC. The central courtyard will be covered up and turned into a space for everyone to gather and hold activities. Around the courtyard, everywhere you look is greenery. You can choose from badminton courts, dance and music rooms and even a hands-on culinary studio. We will upgrade our multi-purpose hall and theatrette for more activities and talks.”

“In the meantime, we will continue as many of our courses and activities as possible, in various places around the estate. In about two and a half years from now, we will have a new Nee Soon South CC – a CC for a closer community and a better earth.”