500 Merdeka Generation Nee Soon residents received their Merdeka Generation Package during an appreciation dinner at Chong Pang Community Club on Sunday (June 2).

Nee Soon GRC MPs Home Affairs and Law Minister K. Shanmugam, Senior Parliamentary Secretary for Social and Family Development and Education Muhammad Faishal Ibrahim, Er. Dr. Lee Bee Wah, Mr. Kwek Hian Chuan Henry and Mr. Louis Ng were there to give out the welcome folders.

The MPs aim to personally give out the welcome folders, which includes the Merdeka Generation Card, to more than half of the Merdeka Generation residents in Nee Soon.

This means that throughout the first three weeks of June, roughly 12,000 Merdeka Generation residents will personally receive their welcome package during appreciation events and house visits.


This shows the commitment and appreciation our MPs have for the Merdeka Generation residents. It is a fitting tribute to those who worked hard during Singapore’s formative years.

Minister Shanmugam is from the Merdeka Generation himself. Born in 1959, he also received his welcome folder from a resident during the appreciation dinner.

With the package, the government hopes to give assurance to the Merdeka Generation that their concerns are being recognised.

Minister Shanmugam said, “One of the key things people are looking for as you age is a sense of assurance, a sense of security. That is something the government has been focusing on for some time now as our population ages. And it is not so much in the details but their concerns are being recognised, understood and are being dealt with. As long as the government has enough and its budget is in a healthy position, it can do this.”

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