The new Goodlife!@Yishun centre has officially opened. It is run by Montfort Care and supported by the Nee Soon South community.

Home Affairs and Law Minister K Shanmugam, Adviser to Nee Soon GRC GROs graced the opening ceremony with host Adviser, Er. Dr. Lee Bee Wah.

Goodlife!@Yishun will be the first centre in Singapore to offer multi-sensory care to seniors and their caregivers, including hand massages and aromatherapy to ease their stress. The centre will also offer respite for caregivers and support a network of volunteers who encourage active ageing.

With the additional of the new centre, MP Lee Bee Wah’s dream of creating a Healthpolis has come to fruition. Many health services have been added to Nee Soon South in recent years. For example, Nee Soon South Wellness for Life Centre supports over 2,000 senior citizens. Clarity Counselling Centre for Mental Health, Diabetes Resource Centre, NKF Dialysis Centre and Community Health Post also offer myriad health services and resources to residents.

She said, “In 2014, I envisioned a HealthPolis in Nee Soon South. The HealthPolis would be a network of services to cater to every resident. The healthy will be encouraged to stay healthy. The sick will get support to manage their conditions. The elderly will be able to age in place, supported by a loving community. Whether the needs are physical, mental or social, they will be met right at our doorstep.”

“It was a big dream…But we rolled up our sleeves and got to it. We linked up with health professionals. We raised funds. We recruited retired nurses and community volunteers to spread the message. Now, four years after my big dream, we have a whole array of services.”

Now, the Nee Soon South team can proudly say that our residents can get healthy and stay healthy right at their doorstep. We will continue to deepen our support for residents’ health in many different ways.

Here is her speech in Chinese: