Volunteers from the Nee Soon Central Young PAP (NSC YP) were out to share the joy of this Lunar New Year season. Festive decorations were distributed to Nee Soon residents and volunteers took the opportunity to get to know residents a little better. Many also shared information about the Meet-the-People Sessions (MPS) held regularly, for those who may need the occasional helping hand.

The conversations were warm and filled with laughter as volunteers and residents joked about a variety of issues. Some residents highlighted the need for social assistance and a comprehensive social safety net. Nevertheless, they expressed gratitude for the support they have been provided all these years.

At the end of the day, both volunteers and residents had a great time over the weekend. The joy of giving is a blessing that the volunteers cherished and the residents too appreciated the frank and open discussions. As NSC YP, we continue to support initiatives that promote an inclusive society and one that balances both economic growth and social cohesion. NSC YP wishes all our residents good health, progress and prosperity! 新年快乐!