On Sunday (22 Jan), Nee Soon South launched 50 Designated Smoking Points (DSPs). With these DSPs, Nee Soon South will have roughly one DSP every 3 blocks of flats, and every block will have a DSP nearby.  Nee Soon South is the first constituency in Singapore to have all its HDB flats within reach of a DSP.

Nee Soon South first piloted six DSPs in Zone D in 2014. They were a win-win solution. Non-smoking residents said the DSPs reduced the amount of second-hand smoke they have to endure, and cigarette butt litter reduced significantly. Although there are no penalties for smoking outside the DSPs, many smokers were cooperative.

So in 2016, Nee Soon South rebuilt the six existing DSPs with an enhanced design, and built 36 more in other zones. Out of the 50 planned DSPs, 8 in new BTO estates have yet to be built.

The project was funded entirely by private donors, both individuals and corporations. Nee Soon GRC MPs Minister K Shanmugam and Er. Dr. Lee Bee Wah launched the DSPs and gave tokens of appreciation to the donors.