Under the Neighbourhood Renewal Programme (NRP), a linkway has been built from Blk 858 to Blk 855 in Nee Soon South.

At the completion ceremony on 3 July, local Grassroots Adviser and Nee Soon Town Council Vice-chairperson Er. Dr. Lee Bee Wah revealed that she had been asking for the linkway since 2008. Despite being rejected by the authorities several times, she persevered and finally got it approved. She revealed that LTA is going to link the linkway all the way to Khatib MRT, hopefully by the end of the year. When that is completed, residents can walk to the MRT comfortably whether rain or shine.

Other new facilities in the area include drop-off points, covered walkways, playgrounds, fitness corners and community gardens. NParks has planted butterfly-attracting plants along the street. On 3 July, Er. Dr. Lee Bee Wah and residents also planted trees along Yishun Street 81 to add to the greenery.