On 26th Mar 2016, a groundbreaking ceremony was held for the future Canberra MRT station. Canberra station will be on the North-South Line between Yishun and Sembawang, only the second station to be added to an existing line in the history of Singapore’s MRT. When completed in 2019, it will benefit residents in the north of Yishun, including many in new residences there.

Other recent transport improvements in Yishun include the launches of bus 805 and City Direct bus 670. For every launch, our MPs pounded the ground, giving out flyers to inform more commuters of the new choices available.

Yishun has been a major focus of the Land Transport Authority’s Bus Services Enhancement Programme. We’ve gotten nine new bus routes (860, 803, 850E, 656, 103, 117, 805, 663 and 670) since the programme was launched in 2012, and more than 140 new buses have been added to new and existing bus services. As more people move into Yishun, your MPs will keep listening to you and fighting for your commute to be as smooth as possible.