On the ninth day of the ninth Chinese lunar month, which fell on the 21st of October, Minister K. Shanmugam joined in the final day celebrations of the annual Kew Ong Yah festival.

A series of colourful visual displays and floats led participants from the Chong Pang Combined Temple in Nee Soon GRC to Sembawang Beach where a series of prayers were held. Mr Shanmugam then accompanied the temple elders into the waters of the Straits of Johor along Sembawang Beach in the ritual “sending off the Nine Emperor Gods”. He was joined by fellow MPs for Nee Soon GRC, Louis Ng Kok Kwang and Henry Kwek Hian Chuan.

The event concluded an 11-day long celebration marked by a host of colourful, energetic and charitable community events, including a dinner for 1100 senior citizens.

Minister Shanmugam said: “The organisers have made generous efforts to extend the celebrations to others in the community. They host charity dinners, entertain residents with free concerts, provide red packets and distribute goodie bags to the elderly. They also involve other religious institutions like the Indian temples who warmly welcome them.”