Emotions ran high as the crowd swelled around the stage at Yishun Stadium as our five candidates took their turns to address their residents and supporters. The candidates spoke about what they have planned for the future of Nee Soon GRC as well as what they have accomplished so far.

Here are some soundbites from each of their speeches:

1. Minister K Shanmugam

“Candidates must be honest and say, there are the costs, these are the trade offs. Not just pretend that the skies will be blue, clouds will lift and all will somehow be better.”

“For good governance and good politics, therefore look at what politicians say, and their track record and their promises. Vote for people who you believe can be trusted. Ask for some basic fundamental values. Our future depends on this.”

2. Assoc. Prof. Faishal Ibrahim

“Why is it important? Because it concerns our lives, our future. We think ahead, we plan for the future. If we look around, Nee Soon is physically transforming. The facilities and amenities are upgraded; and in time to come, we will have Northpoint City. A vibrant town centre; an integrated transport hub, with bus, MRT and cycling tracks. All here! Nee Soon will be the heartbeat of the North. Residents of Nee Soon and friends, all of us have a stake in Nee Soon and in our country, Singapore.”

3. Er Dr Lee Bee Wah

“我在义顺南所做的一切,大家有目共睹。我为你们争取到小贩中心和大型托儿所,我要确保这些项目如期完成。Springleaf的居民要过马路去Lentor Avenue的bus stop,需要走桥下,我自己去看过,我自己去走过,工人党走过吗?不要讲走过,他们知道那个地方在哪里吗?我要争取Khatib地铁站周围有更多有盖走廊。他们知道哪些block需要盖走廊吗?”
“You’ve all seen what I’ve done in Nee Soon South. I’ve successfully fought for a hawker centre and mega-childcare centre, and I want to make sure these are completed on time.…..Springleaf residents have to walk under a bridge to get to the bus-stop along Lentor Avenue. I have been there, I have walked there. Has the WP walked there? Do they even know where it is? I want to fight for more sheltered walkways around Khatib MRT. Do they know which blocks need covered walkways?”

“工人党讲,他们要在国会为你讲话,所以上次Aljunied的选民给他们一个机会,让他们进入国会。不过最近有一个报道,发言最多次的是谁?paiseh hor,不是任何工人党的国会议员,而是义顺的阿花!而且我不只是讲而已,我的很多意见都已经成为全国政策.”
“The WP said that they want to speak for you in Parliament. So Aljunied voters gave them a chance last time, and let them enter Parliament.
But according to media reports, who spoke up the most in Parliament? Paiseh hor, not any WP MP, but Nee Soon’s ‘ah huay’! And I’m not just hot air- many of my suggestions have become national policy.”

“They must understand Nee Soon to improve Nee Soon. This time, all their candidates are newbies. How many times have they been in Nee Soon? It’s the election period. But where are they every night? At rallies elsewhere! They’re not here even during elections. After elections, who knows where they will go?”

4. Henry Kwek

“The last eight days, I have walked through almost all of Kebun Baru. It’s not easy to remember all your names, but I remember your faces, your hopes, your dreams, your fears, and concerns. If elected, I will be your voice in Parliament. In Parliament, when we discuss housing, I will remember those among you who have financial difficulties, who are just trying to have a roof over your heads. In Parliament, when we discuss entrepreneurship, I will remember the entrepreneurs whom I’ve met, who are trying to transform their passion into a business, who are struggling with cost and bureaucracy. In Parliament, when we talk about the elderly, about the daily struggles they and their family and caregivers face, I will work with you to find solutions. I will do so with you, the people, at the heart of everything we do.”

5. Louis Ng

“Being honest and having integrity is not something we talk about at the PAP but something we practice wholeheartedly. Being compassionate is not something we talk about as well, but is enshrined in our constitution as we talk about compassionate meritocracy.”

“I want to be your voice in Parliament and not only champion issues that I care about, but issues that you care about. The debate about policies shouldn’t just be confined to Parliament. I want to ensure your views and concerns are already sought and incorporated into policies and bills before they are discussed and debated in Parliament. That, I believe is most crucial.”

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