The Nee Soon GRC PAP team unveiled its much anticipated local manifesto at a press conference yesterday (Sep 3). With its promise to be “Always on Your Side”, Minister K Shanmugam shared the slogan was a reflection of the decades of work the PAP has consistently served “the interests of Nee Soon” and the promise for “more good years” ahead which voters can count on.

He revealed that the manifesto had already been personally hand-delivered to nearly 70,000 households as of yesterday – to ensure that the team’s vision for Nee Soon was shared with all residents.

The manifesto clearly detailed out four key pillars of focus. Thanks to the dedicated hard work of MPs and a well-managed town council, much of this vision has already been achieved and delivered over the last 5 years. A snapshot of this proven track record and upcoming plans:

a. Social services: The most comprehensive family, health and social services in the North

What has been delivered :
• New Social Service Offices in Yishun and Ang Mo Kio
• 4 Elderly Wellness Centres and 5 Senior Activity Centres
• One of the first Pioneer Generation Offices

What has been planned:
• New Yishun Community Hospital to complement Khoo Teck Puat Hospital in providing specialised care
• New expanded Yishun Polyclinic
• 3 more Elderly Wellness Centres, 4 more Senior Activity Centres, 3 more childcare centres

b. Recreation: A shopping paradise with healthy lifestyle options

What has been delivered:
• Complete rejuvenation of Yishun Pond and Lower Seletar Reservoir
• New Yishun Nature Park and Springleaf Nature Park
• ORTO – a park with leisure, dining and entertainment activities

What has been planned:
• Junction Nine, a shopping Mall in Nee Soon East with retail, dining and residential options

c. Transport: To be one of the best connected towns

What has been delivered:
• One of the largest bus injections under Bus Service Enhancement Programme(BSEP) with 4 new bus routes services (656, 850E, 803, 860) and 23 services gaining more peak hour trips and 80 additional buses
• Cycling tracks and park connectors throughout GRC

What has been planned:
• 4 new MRT stations: Canberra, Springleaf, Lentor, Mayflower
• By 2017, six trains to arrive every 10 minutes during peak hours, up from five

d. Town Improvements: To upgrade all homes and neighbourhoods

What has been delivered:
• Town Council has spent over $30 million ($26 million in Yishun and $4 million in Kebun Baru) on facilities like sheltered walkways, playgrounds
• All blocks in Nee Soon and Kebun Baru completed lift upgrading
• All private estates completed or undergoing upgrading
• Blocks in Nee Soon and Kebun Baru completed or undergoing Neighbourhood Renewal Programme(NRP) and/or Home Improvement Programme(HIP)
• Residents’ S&C charges have been used honestly and wisely

What has been planned:
• Additional blocks in Nee Soon and Kebun Baru to undergo Neighbourhood Renewal Programme(NRP) and/or Home Improvement Programme(HIP)

Other additional highlights to look forward to include Northpoint City, a 500-store shopping mall and the largest shopping space in the North, which will include a Public Library, a Town Plaza the size of 10 basketball courts and the first community club in a mall.

Nee Soon GRC also promises the first new hawker centre in Singapore by 2017

With such major improvements promised in the works – including the two new malls, a hospital and 4 more MRT stations – the manifesto highlights the strong financial state and management of Nee Soon Town Council, with a healthy operating surplus of $1.9M, which will ensure these improvements are seen through.

With the PAP GRC team “Always on Your Side”, Nee Soon has progressed to a modern town in the 21st century with exciting facilities while remaining a great home for all.